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Specialists in tree felling in Leicestershire and the surrounding area.


Dry seasoned logs and wood chippings in Leicestershire

Spend more time enjoying your stove with easy to light fires with dry seasoned logs

Seasoned logs for your stove or log burner

All our firewood is well seasoned, quality wood, cut, chopped and stored in barns for over 2 years. We recycle our wood from trees and sites we have worked on and then store them on pallets in dry barns so we can move them around to maximise air flow over all the surface of the logs to optimize dryness. 

Contact us at to order logs or woodchip today.
We deliver our dry/seasoned logs in half or full trailer loads and can help unload and stack to suit your requirements.

Half a trailer load (equivalent to 1 Tonne Builders Bag*) £65.00

Full trailer load (equivalent to 2.5 tonne builders bag*) £120.00

*this is measured on size of filled builder’s bag and not on weight.
Free delivery within 10 miles 
Please get in touch on 07720 770557 
Seasoned logs
Wood chips

Quality multi-purpose woodchip

Marston Tree Care also supply high quality woodchip. Whether you need to surface a children's play area or a footpath in your garden, woodchip makes for an environmentally friendly surface which is low impact and gentle underfoot.

Our woodchips are also ideal for use in plant bedding and will turn over time into mulch which can minimise soil erosion and help to control weeds.

*we often have limited availability so please call us in advance to pre order, no deposit necessary . 

Contact us today to order your logs or woodchip or to discuss large shrub care and tree maintenance.
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